VRF Systems – Medium Commercial Applications

VRF Systems



VRF Systems

  • Outdoor unit and up to 26 separate indoor unit
  • Many indoor types for nearly every application: cassettes, ducts with low pressure or high pressure, floor/ceiling, wall mounted
  • Every indoor unit may be controlled separately
  • One large pipe from the outdoor unit and branches to every indoor unit
  • Heat pumps for cooling and heating
  • Capacity 8 -> 45 kW
  • May be combined to larger capacity

Ideal For

  • Larger applications like hotels, shops, supermarkets, gas-stations, malls, offices, restaurants
  • When no duct work is available or shall not be built
  • When different climates in the various rooms are required




Horizontal blower

8 – 20 kW

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Technical Specs.




Vertical blower

25 – 45 kW

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Technical Specs.



  • Refrigerant (R-410A) –Earth friendly non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • All compressor with DC Inverter technology – state of the art technology for high efficiency compressors – for a better control, less power consumption and for a longer lifetime
  • VRF Split System – One outdoor unit and many silent indoor units producing conditioned and clean air in the roof
  • Heatpump system – for cooling and heating in one system
  • Choice of multiple different indoor unit types – up to 26 indoor units per one outdoor unit for higher flexibility at your application
  • Auto addressing of indoor units – for easy and quick installation
  • Wide operating range – -5 to 48°for cooling and -20 to 27°C for heating
  • Oil balance technology – controls the oil in the compressors over multiple outdoor units to achieve long life-time of the compressors

  • Overload protection – ensures compressor is running safely
  • Long piping length – up to 1000 m and a lift of up to 110 m
  • Compact design – for easy transport in the building
  • Intelligent soft start – for faster start-up and lower current peaks at start-up
  • High performance blue fin heat exchanger – for better and more efficient heat transfer
  • Simple signal line connection – only one cable connects all indoor units with the outdoor unit
  • Many comfort options – Night silent operation , intelligent defrosting and much more for better comfort
  • Wide range of control options – Many different controllers and connectivity to major networks auto restart and memory function
  • 2 Year Limited All Parts Warranty