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Introduction to Viseo UK Analog CCTV

Analog CCTV technology has been the standard and most commonly used technology since the inception of CCTV. Nowadays Analog CCTV is regarded as the cost effective option when choosing a CCTV system for your premises. The resolution of Analog CCTV has continuously improved over the years competing with other technologies that have parallelly emerged in the CCTV industry, thus making Analog CCTV occupy more than 50 percent of the CCTV worldwide market share till today.


Measuring & Comparing Camera Quality

The technical term for image quality is Resolution. There are various types of resolutions in Analog CCTV commonly measured in vertical and horizontal TV lines. The scales for Analog CCTV standards are measured in the following order VGA, D1 (4CIF) and 700TVL. As highlighted in the figure below, Viseo UK uses the highest quality and resolution in Analog CCTV technology.


VGA CCTV Resolution:

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a graphics display system defined at a horizontal resolution of 480 TVL. The VGA resolution is adopted mostly for television display or analog computer display.

D1 CCTV Resolution:

The D1 or 4CIF systems can support horizontal resolution up to 540 TVL and is mostly adopted for DVD quality recording. D1 contains substantially more horizontal and vertical data than CIF (Common Interchange Format or Common Intermediate Format), consequently the data streams and data files are larger than VGA.

700 TV Lines:

Viseo UK Analog cameras are capable of capturing video images at a horizontal resolution of 700 TVL (Television Lines). The Viseo UK 700 TVL Analog cameras produce sharper, larger and very high quality video recording.