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We offer a wide range of Airconditioning Solutions from renowned brands, namely SHARP, SEASON, and SOLARCOOL.


About SHARP:
• Ever since the establishment in 1912, innovation has been an integral part of the corporate philosophy of SHARP. Correspondingly, the company’s name SHARP is derived from its first major invention made in the year 1915, the “Ever Sharp Pencil”, the first mechanical retractable pencil in the world.
• SHARP is one of the world’s leading innovative developers and manufacturers of LCD and solar technology as well as electro technical components in the areas of optoelectronics, infrared and flash memory electronics.


Plasmacluster technology is Sharp’s original air disinfecting technology for suppressing the effects of airborne viruses, and breaking down and removing airborne mold. Plasma discharge generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature.

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Top Quality and industry leading Air conditioning units at very affordable prices.